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European Facial - $90.00 (Includes MLD*)

Classic European facial is designed to fit your skin’s needs, using a blend of Eve Taylor products. Includes a relaxing Arm and Hand Massage, Décolletage Treatment, and Facial Massage.

Age Resist Facial - $105.00

A gentle, but effective facial using Glycolic Acid solutions. This is a wonderful treatment for those concentrating on fighting the signs of aging. Leave with a bright healthy glow on the outside, while your skin is working hard on the inside to repair and renew. Included is the arm and hand massage, the decolletage massage and facial massage. Microdermabrasion or Red or Green light therapy treatment can be added to this facial for $30.00. 

Radiance Facial - $120.00

The ultimate brightening facial. The unbeatable combination of Lactic Acid and Microdermabrasion will rid your face of dulling, dead, pore clogging skin. If you are looking for that fresh faced look this is the facial for you! Includes MLD and a specialized Vitamin C mask. As always, an Arm and Hand Massage, Decolletage Treatment, and Facial Massage are included.

Sun Lover’s Facial - $100.00

This is perfect for anyone who likes that sun kissed glow. Look your best with a facial designed to brighten and even skin tone all while increasing hydration and protecting against long term effects of sun exposure. You will enjoy a treatment high in Antioxidants, moisture and a specially formulated Seaweed Mask. All this and a relaxing Arm and Hand Massage, Décolletage Treatment, and Facial Massage using Eve Taylor’s CO Enzyme Q10 Serum.

Lift and Firm Facial - $100.00 Packages of 6 will save $10.00 per treatment.

A treatment designed for anyone who needs a lift. This facial incorporates Co Enzyme Q10 which targets collagen and elasticity in the skin. After a gentle exfoliation you will experience the benefits of Bio Cream to infuse a healthy dose of Alpha Hydroxyl to your skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Finish this up with two specialized masks – one for the eyes and one for the face. Includes Arm and Hand Massage, Décolletage Treatment, and Facial Massage.

Hydra Plus Facial (A big drink of water for the skin) - $100.00

Designed to target skin that is severely dry or dehydrated due to over exposure to the elements, medication, or illness. This facial will benefit any skin experiencing that overly tight feeling. Your skin will be soothed and hydrated with layers of moisture using only the best Eve Taylor products. Included is the Arm and Hand Massage, Décolletage Treatment, and Facial Massage using Eve’s Revitalizing Oil.

Problem Skin Facial - $90.00

A quick facial to promote clear, healthy skin. Perfect for anybody dealing with less than perfect skin. A deep cleansing facial using Eve Taylor’s purifying and clarifying line. This facial includes MLD with essential oils designed to heal the skin from within. NEW ADDITION: Ultrasonic Spatula to remove excessive amounts of debris from the skin, which causes uneven texture and large pores. 

Specialized Decolletage Treatment - $35.00

Give your Decolletage the attention it deserves. This thin skin ages faster than your face and will benefit from a cleansing, scrub, peel, and masque. A must for anyone not wearing a turtle neck. Add this treatment to any facial for $25.00.

All Facials now include MLD.

MLD* – Manual Lymphatic Drainage: A light touch massage that stimulates the lymphatic system. Helps to remove built up congestion and toxins from the body. Used on the face it will promote healthy sinuses, reduce puffiness, and flush toxins that cause sluggish cell turn over and unwanted breakouts.

Faces by Shirley does not set a time limit for your facial. Each service will be customized to your specific needs. Please be on time for your appointment so that everyone can receive the same benefit.


See amazing results from a multi-layered peel that focuses on fighting free radicals, reducing inflammation, increasing cell turnover and collagen production. This series of treatments is designed to give great results without unnecessary and unwanted downtime. Must be done in series of 3 or 6, and specific product must be used at home during the series to see the best results. $80.00 per treatment or if purchased in packages save $10.00 per treatment.

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